Kairos Collective | Pîrî Reis - Contemporary Modal Music This album is the result of a hugely enjoyable, six-day hit-and-run mission to Crete, where five musicians I admire greatly recorded six of the modal compositions I have been writing over the last couple of years. To me, composition is a journey of exploration into the world of modal music, in which I specifically take inspiration from the beautiful makam music of Istanbul. Makam music drew from, and could perhaps be considered the pinnacle of, the many modal traditions that existed in the vast Ottoman empire. The title of this CD combines these elements: Pîrî Reis (‘Captain Piri’, 1465? – 1553) was a legendary Ottoman admiral and cartographer. His extraordinary maps, one of which was used for this CD’s artwork, happen to not only relate to the exploration aspect of how I see composition, but also to my profession as a survey geologist. I thank the musicians for playing the pieces so beautifully: out of their hands, the music magically appeared as it sounds in my head. Thanks are also due to my teacher Ross Daly. His modal composition seminars are among my most intense learning experiences, while being mystifyingly relaxed at the same time. The suggestion to record the music in Crete, with Greek musicians, was made by Kelly Thoma, to whom I am very grateful too. This music, including the people associated with it, has enriched my life. I hope that you enjoy my interpretation and understanding of it. Michiel van der Meulen Bunnik, November 2016 Track list (total playing time 39:09) 1. Şehnaz Yürük Semâî 2. Kürdî Saz Semâî «Zaman Yolcusu» 3. Ανάμνηση | Anamnisi 4. Dügah Saz Semâî 5. Nev-Eser Peşrev «Muhabbet» 6. Nihâvend Saz Semâî «Το Λαϊκό | To Laiko» Kairos Collective Composition and production Harris Lambrakis - ney Michiel van der Meulen Giorgos Papaioannou - violin Manolis Kanakakis - kanun Recording, mix and mastering Yorgos Mavromanolakis - oud Vangelis Apostolou - Studio Vasmaris Marijia Katsouna - percussion Supplementary material Reviews About the album artwork The maps of Pîrî Reis are not only exceptionally beautiful but also remarkably accurate for their time. Below you see the map of Pîrî Reis I used for the album artwork next to satellite imagery of roughly the same area (projection is different). The bays and promonories drawn by Captain Pîrî five centuries ago generally match the actual coast- line very well. ~MJvdM The recording sessions
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